Video Equipment

Whether you need a brilliant LED wall, a camera crew for your event or just need to pickup the gear, we can help. We offer a full selection of cameras, HD screens, switchers, media servers, and projectors of every size.


Canon 18x Servo Zoom Lens

Fujinon A13x6.3 BRM-SD Wide Angle Lens
Fujinon SRD-92B Camera Lens
Fujinon 34:1 Zoom Sports Lens
Fujinon 70:1 Zoom Sports Lens

Panasonic AK-HC3800
Panasonic AW-HE50N PTZ
Panasonic AW-HE120K PTZ
Panasonic AW-RP50N Remote Controller

Sony DCR VX-1000
Sony DSR 250
Sony DSR-PD170
Sony DXC-D35WS
Sony DXC-D50WS


Acer 22″ LED 16:9 (1680 X 1050)
Acer 24″ 16:10 (1920X1200)

LG 23″ LED 16:9 (1920 x 1080)

Samsung 32″ LED 16:9 (1080P)
Samsung 55″ 3D HDTV (1080p)

Sharp 46″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp 52″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp 55″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp 60″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp 70″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp 80″ LED 16:9 (1080p)
Sharp PN-E521 LED 52″ 1080p Multi-Screen
Sharp PN-E601 LED 60″ 1080p Multi-Screen

Sony 40″ LCD 16:9 (1080p)

TVLogic 24″ HD Multiformat

LED Wall

Absen A3

Sharp PN-E521 52″ 1080p Multi-Screen
Sharp PN-E601 60″ 1080p Multi-Screen

Media Servers

ArKaos A30

Barco E2

Wings Platinum 4


Eiki LC-XB28
Eiki LC-X80

Panasonic PT-DW10000U
Panasonic PT-DZ570U
Panasonic PT-DZ6710U
Panasonic PT-DZ870
Panasonic PT-DZ12000U
Panasonic PT-VZ570


Barco FSN (Extended)
Barco ImagePro II
Barco ScreenPro II HD
Barco ScreenPro II HD Multiscreen Controller
Barco DCS-100
Barco DCS-200
Barco PDS-902 3G

Folsom ImagePro
Folsom ImagePro HD
Folsom PresentationPro
Folsom PresentationPro II

Panasonic AW-HS50N HD Switcher
Panasonic AV-HS410 HD/SD Switcher