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McCune has been synonymous with live audio for over 80 years. We can get you the right sound for your event. Request a quote to see what we can do for you.

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Audio Equipment


Meyer MILO Line Array
Meyer M'elodie Line Array
Meyer CQ-1P Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer CQ-2P Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer MSL-4 Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer UPJ-1P Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer UPM-1P Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer UPM-2P Self-Powered Speaker
Meyer 700-HP High-Powered Subwoofer
Meyer M3D Directional Subwoofer
Meyer 650-P Self-Powered Subwoofer

Mackie SRM450 Self-Powered Speaker
Mackie SRM350 Self-Powered Speaker
Mackie SWA1801 Self-Powered Subwoofer
Mackie SWA1501 Self-Powered Subwoofer

QSC KW-181 Self-Powered Subwoofer

Anchor Liberty System

Fostex 6301-B Self-Powered Speaker
Fostex SPA-11 Self-Powered Speaker

McCune SM-5 Bi-Amped Speaker
McCune SM-6 Bi-Amped Wedge

McCauley FM-850 Stage Monitor


Digico SD10
Digico D-Rack 32x16
Digico D-Rack 32x8x8 AES

Soundcraft SI 16

Yamaha QL5
Yamaha PM5D RH
Yamaha M7CL
Yamaha LS9
Yamaha RIO 3224D
Yamaha RIO 1608
Yamaha RSIO64-D

Midas Verona
Midas Venice 320

Mackie 1202 VLZPro
Mackie 1402 VLZPro
Mackie 1642 VLZPro
Mackie 1604 VLZPro


AudioTechnica AT4050
AudioTechnica ATM25
AudioTechnica ATM350
AudioTechnica ATM450
AudioTechnica AT4055

Audix D6
Audix I5
Audix SCX25

AKG D112
AKG C1000
AKG C414
AKG C451
AKG C535
AKG C747

Beyer M88

Countryman E6

Crown PCC-160 Boundary Mic
Crown PZM Microphone

DPA 4061
DPA 4088

Electro-Voice 635A
Electro-Voice RE-15
Electro-Voice RE-20
Electro-Voice RE-50

Neumann KM84
Neumann KM85
Neumann KM184
Neumann KMS105

Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD441
Sennheiser E-602
Sennheiser E-604
Sennheiser E-609
Sennheiser E-835

Microphones Continued

Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM56
Shure SM81
Shure Beta 87
Shure Beta 91
Shure KSM27
Shure KSM32

Shure Conference Delegate Mic System

Wireless Microphones

Shure UR14D
Shure ULXD
Shure ULXS

Sennheiser G3

Listen Technolgies Wireless Mic Conference System


Clear-Com Sb-440 4-Ch Main Station
Clear-Com Sb-412a Switch Board
Clear-Com Sb-400a Remote Station
Intercom Interface (Rts/Clearcom)
Clear-Com 2-Way Radio Interface
Telos Link-Intercom/Phone Interface

Clear-Com Helixnet 4-Channel Wireless Intercom System
Clear-Com Helixnet Speaker Station

HME DX200 (UHF) 8-Position Wireless Intercom

2-Ch/-5-Position "Tempest" Wireless Intercom System
4-Ch/4-Position "Tempest" Wireless Intercom System

In-Ear Monitor

Sennheiser E300 4 Ch In-Ear Monitor Systems
Sennheiser E300 G2 4 Ch In-Ear Monitor System
Sennheiser E300 G3 4 Ch In-Ear Monitor System

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